Some days back I have found a Devoish synth punk band, it was called Distractor. Since then I have been listening to their one and only album continuously.

When I went to the work, when I came from, there was no other option, there was no question, click the continuous playing on my phone and “got some dirt, got a shovel”. Today I was strong. I forced myself to stop it. Of course I am listening it now again. There are just hits and funny anthems on ukulele, trombone, guitar, bass and synth. Here are three songs: Went to the Store, Dig Dug, and Devotion

“We were in Glen’s Buick one day listening to Gary Numan M.E. and he was singing along to it and I remember thinking, woah… Glen can sing. That was my first memory of it all. Maybe like a year later we were bored sitting in his garage. At that point in both of our lifes, we really had nothing going on at all. Days came and deflated into the next. I had an old Casio that had bounced around my friends, he had a trumpet he got when he was eight or something… and with that, we sat down and wrote our first song called All the Fucking Things Do

The album was released as digital in March 2015. Buy it here. It has been released on cassette this year by Burger Records. But you can download it free. And there are freakish videos for every songs. And here is some live footage. And nothing more. Never. Glen died of serious illness last year autumn. He was 25. And maybe he already rest in space.


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