There is a fuckin good rock’n’roll band in Philadelphia. So ultra fuckin good that Goodbye Boozy also released them three years before. And at long last here is the new, the second LANTERN album! Black Highways and Green Garden Roads.

This has written about it by their labels: “Taking ideas from the work of Hieronymus Bosch, Carl Sagan, and Mikhail Bulgakov, the new album is an exploration of the natural world and the cosmos, and a celebration of the wonderful, the serious, and the absurd. More so than previous recordings, it is a collaborative effort born of studio improvisation and collective experimentation. The resulting collection is a diverse and sophisticated 14-song program that balances concise pop and lush psychedelic rock with weirder, headier jams.”  And it “is an ambitious and distinctly ’60s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll record, rich with surf, soul, and hard rock textures.”

cassette and digital by Fixture, vinyl by Sophomore Lounge Records

And here is the brilliant first album Rock’n’Roll Rorschach


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