Tomorrows Tulips has been formed as a duo because Alex’s girlfriend “Christina said something about hating to go to Paul Mitchell hair school and I asked her what she always wanted to do. She said she wanted to learn drums but thought that was ridiculous.” At that time Alex was in the garage rock band Japanese Motors.

He was sixteen or seventeen the first time he heard the Velvet Underground box-set. “I remember listening to Velvet Underground and the out-of-tune guitars and there was such a sense of freedom to it. I think I heard them and thought, I wanna do that.” And he does that.

Today the band is a trio, but the drummer is Jennifer. They are difficult egomaniacs, coming from Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, and play esoteric doo wop grunge, and you will hear really cool bass if you click now

from iNdy rock royalty comb 12″EP on Burger Records (US)

European Tour May June Belgium France Spain Portugal Italy Switzerland UK


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