Here is the new album of Rocket From The Tombs


– Is it a punk band? – No. It pre-dated punk rock.
– Is it alternative? – No. It aspired to the mainstream.
– Is it legendary? – No. It’s mythical.

It was formed in 1974 by e.g. David Thomas and Cheetah Chrome in Cleveland, where – they say – everything was doomed. The band did not reach its first birthday, and never went into a studio. But it left behind such songs as Sonic Reducer or 30 Seconds Over Tokyo for its descendants. The first would be a Dead Boys anthem, the second one a Pere Ubu hit.

The originals were released in 2002. Almost the original line-up reunited in 2003. Their first studio album was released in 2011, and now here is the second. The Black Record has been made in co-production with the members of This Moment In Black History. Where the drummer is Bim Thomas, aka Obnox, who is the drummer of Bassholes, one of the best blues punk band.

A bloody actual song from the album

The band is on tour now in US, UK, NL, Belgium and France.

And `you want to know something? We are still in the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages — they haven’t ended yet.` This is the end of Deadeye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut.


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