Somebody who is called a “guruzsmás” is a person who’s able to put a spell on someone else, or who himself/herself is being enchanted. The band Guruzsmás sounds like if Béla Bartók was doing a guest apperance in an episode of The Simpsons which took place at the land of the Csangos or somwhere at the Transdanubian parts of Hungary. After losing all his knowledge of music theory, he is still playing tunes relying only on his instincts. It’s a cross-section between some formation of the ancient infinity and a smart, tricky country fellow who has a philosopher lost deep inside of him. There are three kinds of stuff we play: songs, compositions and stories.

Guruzsmás is a band from the deep RNR666 brotherhood between the 3Elvis and our author TIMUR77 who plays guitar in Guruzsmás band.

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