The American musician Saul Conrad plays “hard to categorize”, perhaps “experimental chamber pop”  or “other” bittersweet music on piano and guitar with surprising key changes, nonsensical rhythmic shifts, overlapping melodies, and folk elements. His third album (read about!) – which is more popular than previous two (listen to!) – was influenced by Kirkegaard and William Blake, Townes van Zandt and Blaze Foley, Harry Nilsson and Syd Barret, and more. But essentially his music based on his affection for music of Mozart, Chopin or Mahler.

4/23 Hamburg, DE Hasenschaukel  4/24 Berlin, DE Mein Haus am See  4/25 Budapest, HU Beat on The Brat  4/28 Leipzig, DE Dr. Seltsam  4/29 Copenhagen, DK Tjili Pop  4/30 Islands Brygge, DK “Geyser By The Sea” at Kulturhuset  5/2 Manchester, UK The Castle Hotel  5/4 London, UK Montague Arms  5/5 Hull, UK The Adelphi Club  5/6 Vienna, AT Mo.ë  5/7 Biel, CH Living Room Concert Series  5/8 Metz, FR La Chaouee  5/9  Espalais FR, Le Par Chemin



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