On the highly anticipated Wednesday night of the 4th of February, Seattle-based drone metal pioneers Earth are finally playing live in Budapest. The mainly instrumental band is touring with their new album, Primitive and Deadly

the first ever piece of their extensive discography to include vocals by Mark Lanegan and Rabia Shaneen Quazi, however, having seen them live last year in Vienna, I think I can safely say that the those who are more fond of previous albums will not be disappointed either. What to be expected is minimalistic, meditative, and seemingly neverending songs, a signature guitar sound, slow tempos, long sustained notes, and the simply beautiful, country, jazz and folk-inspired guitar melodies of Dylan Carlson.

I sure hope it’s going to be loud as hell, too.

It’s highly recommended to get there in time for the support bands: an exciting noise duo by the name of Black Spirituals, and former Earth-member Don McGreevy, presently contributing to the brilliant experimental psych-folk group Master Musicians of Bukkake.

It’s all happening next Wednesday on A38, get your tickets at the website.


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