New York – BedStuy – Franklin Avenue – 8 pm – pouring rain – no umbrella – soaked and wondering why I am walking in such a weather on a Friday night – lost in loud streets – surrounded by the sound of sirens that, for a moment, made me forget about my own thoughts…

Though I know where I’m heading to and no stormy apocalyptic weather could stop me! YES, Workman Song is playing tonight, and I’m sure that as soon as I’d get to Friends and Lovers, with a glass of whisky in my hand, all would make sense…and indeed it did! Even got an interview with the 27 years old musician (who won’t fall into the curse).

Get closer dear reader, it’s storytelling time…


Once upon a time in Massachusetts, a little Irish curly haired boy named Sean (not Sue thankfully) was dreaming of becoming a priest. But destiny had a slightly different plan for him. On one of these childhood boring days, little 10 years old Sean decided to sneak into his older brother’s room and steal his guitar. Days, weeks, months and years passed, little Sean MacMahon got to know his new best friend, and became the mad scientist known by the name of Ion Zelig. After playing in a trash jazz band, enjoying improv on stage, he decided to start his own career as a peace messenger. But Ion Zelig was wondering where he could spread his gift of faith. Adventure was calling our poet, just in time, a very good friend of his told him

Join me in New York City to fulfill your destiny


He grabbed his guitar, his bohemian suitcase, kissed pa’ ma’ bra’ goodbye and left on a journey to the center of the world, where you’ll find him singing hope in churches, bars, hotels and apartments, for the greatness of us all.

Then what’s left for the end of our tale? A new album? A big family? A house? A prophetic music label? The road has just begun, and our hero must seek for inner focus in order to make a living with his art. But one thing is for sure, Ion Zelig does not believe in shame, only trust, trusting that people will comprehend his message.  Well, he’s lucky, I’m one of those…how about you? To find out, follow the link


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