“I do not have any idols anymore, and I am not really a ”fan” of anything – ok, maybe I am in some ways still a fan of Iron Maiden, but that is almost like an alchemical marriage – nor do I follow anyone, so in that sense I am in my own hermetic world, but obviously there have been many influential artists and bands for me – and to see something like Keiji Haino, Boris, Godflesh, or Melvins play live, still shake me mentally and physically.”

Finnish musician (and graphic artist) Albert Witchfinder has hardcore-punk, black, doom, death, drone metal and power electronics background. His bands’ names speak for themselves: Reverend Bizarre, Opium Warlords, Spiritus Mortis. He has started a new project with Vilunki 3000 from Kraftwerk-style electro band, Op:l Bastards. Originally it was Opel Bastards, but it would be changed on request.

strange ice cold minimal techno

Tähtiportti – Poikarakkaus

from debut self-titled album on Svart Records (Finland)

The original song from the 80s

“Maybe I was surprised twenty years ago, but now I am just very deeply saddened. I am disgusted when thinking of what people do to the forests, oceans, lakes, air, animals and plants. It is horrible and sad. We most definitely are living the Kali Yuga. I guess in the Mad Max – world we have other worries than ”where can I get that new Merzbow album?”

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