Vrystaete is a record label founded to release free spirited music, more or less related to psychedelic, folklore and lo-fi sounds. Sub-label of electronic music publisher Enfant Terrible Records in Netherlands. New albums


Brunnen is a Dutch minimal psych folk project of Freek Kinkelaar from the very experimental pop band Beequeen. It’s sounding a bit like a lo-fi Legendary Pink Dots. He is a modern day acid troubadour telling small stories accompanied by minimal instrumentation

“I have been active in the experimental music scene since 1984, when I first started recording my battered homemade electric guitar, plugged in my 1940s tube radio system, which had been a precious gift from my grandparents. The resulting tapes featured a lot of abstract and loud noise, which I loved but the neighbours hated. (…) In the winter of 1988 long time friend Edward Kaspel of The Legendary Pink Dots asked me to fill in as support act for a live Pink Dots performance in January 1989. Since I didn’t have a clue what to do, I contacted Frans de Waard (whom I had met a few years previously) and together we formed Beequeen. This collaboration was initially based upon our mutual admiration of the ideas of German conceptual artist Joseph Beuys.”


Two German experimental projects in one: Baldruin + Brannten Schnüre = Diamantaner Oberhof. Subtle electronic sounds are mixed with snippets of accordion melodies, even though this is contemporary folk music it sounds very pure and authentic, like obscure lo-fi field recordings, bringing to mind some of the better Fonal recordings from the past (think Kemialliset Ystävät, Paavoharju and Islaja) or a more folklore minded Kaa Antilope, this is a sort of new primitivism and nothing less as in between archaic-electronic-ambient-folk-Dada-pop music

info about the albums and snippets


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