“I guess there’s quite a dark side to me. It always comes out when I’m writing songs. I love Sylvia Plath, and I love listening to songs that have that haunting darkness that really pulls you in, so it’s probably something that I want to create in my songs.” She plays every instrument on her recordings, from bass to piano, from guitar to sitar. Strange bitter-sweet haunted folky pop songs or “grungy abstract folk with a playful darkness” by Marika Hackman

We Slept At Last album on Universal Music


Seductive brooding jazz with an electronic twist. Baritone sax, double bass, drums, samplers and a whole lot of stomp boxes and effects.  Cozy melancholic cocoon in the midst of a looming, cold, unwelcoming metropolis of Moscow. Eight stories told by different people in different places. For a rainy evening and a bottle of vodka.

Fogh Depot debut album on Denovali Records (Germany)


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