One year in penitentiary and bad conduct discharge was the sentence of Navy’s Court Martial in the fraudulent enlistment case of 15 years old Andre Williams, who was born in 1936, Alabama. “Kiss-my-ass-mother-fuckers!” was his response. Right after his discharge he went to Detroit with 25 dollars in his pocket. The day of the coming he entered for a talent show, afternoon wrote a song and won. His first hit was Bacon Fat in 1956 on Fortune Records

Then he worked with Motown Records as a producer too. Wrote and recorded songs together with Stevie Wonder, The Contours, Ike & Tina Turner and more, and also wrote some songs for Parliament and Funkadelic. In the 80s he became a homeless because his hard r’n’b lifestyle. He came back with a rap album in 1990. Since he has made amazing albums in various style: garage rock, blues, country, funk and soul. These were released such labels as In The Red, Bloodshot or Norton Records.

One of his early songs, Jailhouse Blues from 1958 has been covered by Obnox (aka Bim Thomes, drummer of blues punk band Bassholes)

The new Obnox album Boogalou Red is coming this month on 12xU Records (US). Gospel trash

Obnox on RNR666


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