Dear Jonnie,

I have listened to your new album many-many times, but I can’t write about it too much words, just this: perfect. (Dear reader, please click the play button below, and listen to fine Scotch electro-pop music. Owing to its mood I call it Trip Pop.) Recently I edited a playlist from new releases, and wanted to play one of your new songs, which can arouse the listeners’ curiosity. The task was no easy one, however this is a good album. (BBC6 also played songs from it.) And there are lots of added useful thing. Birnam Wood, the Hangman’s Tree and the little sculptures of characters of Beatrix Potter’s animal tales have come to my knowledge. And I have decided to read my first Shakespeare. Thanks indirectly to your new album. But I can’t enthuse over it. But there is your first album Master of None, happy happy joy joy.



ps: There’s an interlude, a woman leaves a message on your answering machine. She talks about a hedgehog, starts in English after switchs over to German and finally to Dutch – at least for my ears. I don’t understand. What’s the matter with that hedgehog?

Jonnie Common – Trapped in Amber, album on Song, By Toad Records (Scotland)



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