Hey you, ugly bastard! Have you any know about David Shrigley? Nichevo. He’s a drunken British who living in Scotland and makes all kinds of stupid artistic trash like drawings, sculptures, poems, installations, animations, and made videos for Blur and Johnny King Billy, or who the fuck. And of course why not he also makes records. For example there was a split with Thee Oh Sees, and such musicians made music for his words, and sang his silly songs as Deerhoof, Tv On The Radio, R Stevie Moore, David Byrne, Scout Niblett, Trans AM, Dirty Projectors, Max Tundra, Franz Ferdinand, Alig Fodder and more similar dumb assholes. These were released on the album Worried Noodles.

His brand new horrible, but awful album has been made with Malcolm Middleton from the luckily disbanded Arab Strap. I’m fucking happy to listen to this shit. You will suck it totally.

Next item of his illustrated toilet paper collections
Weak Messages Create Bad Situations were released recently.

Anyway, Shrigley is illegitimate godson of Rod Stewart, and honorary president of Artists with Mental Handicap Movement.


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