29 years old British poet, playwright and rapper Kate Tempest‘s second Speedy Wunderground single is a duet with Londoner fellow Loyle Carner. In the Guts his acid jazzy sound blends with Kate’s hard, electronic beats. This is a special release because the label’s strict order of recordings: recording in the dark with smoke and lazers, need to use Swarmatron (a hand-built analogue synthesiser), recording time is one day, finish before midnight, no lunch break, mixing on the next day.

I can’t refrain to doing list Tempest’s main influences: Virginia Woolf, MF Doom, Samuel Beckett, John Coltrane, James Joyce, Roots Manuva, William Blake, Wu-Tang Clan, Milan Kundera, GZA, Knut Hamson, Mos Def, Yeats, Nina Simone, Carson McCullers, The Knife, Kafka, Scroobius Pip, and Confucius… Her first solo album “Everybody Down” was made together with the producer Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, TOY, Django Django, Emiliana Torrini, The Kills, Kylie Minogue, Tame Impala, founder of Speedy Wunderground). It was released this year on Big Dada Records. “Alternative hip-hop” trio Sound of Rum was her previous project. It had a jazzy taste thanks to the drums and guitar.

Kate Tempest Euro Tour Nov-Dec. Vienna: 1 Dec


On Clapton Pound at dawn

The pond was calm
the sky was new
your voice was soft your lies were true.
You were me and I was you
and I was going blind with you.

You told me I reminded you
of Venus when I smiled at you,
or angels that go flying through
the paintings in the quietest rooms
of galleries. Renaissance girls,
all soft curves and floating curls.
We sat there and the light shone through
the leaves and we admired the view.

I loved you.
I had died for you
that night,
I’d closed my eyes
and through the gaps
I’d sought your silhouette.
I’d given up my mind for you.
We did what all our kind would do.

You sat beside me, finding new
ways to look away.
You kissed me. It was lighter fuel.
It burnt the night away.
And when I took my eyes off you
I saw that it was day.

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