Easy Aussie pop music by Hierophants, their single will be released on such great garage rock and punk labels as Goner (US), Goodbye Boozy (I) and Anti-Fade Records

The members also are in Ausmutenats (synth-punk) and Frowning Clouds (psychedelic garage folk rock)


Most fashionable garage rock from the end of the 60s. I can’t compare them to no one, so much not, that I have successfully discovered the Sex Pistols, the Clash, even the Joy Division in their music, but they haven’t to do with these, because they rather tell about Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Rolling Stones or Jesus & Mary Chain (!?), but let’s say, you mix the Stooges with Black Lips, grate a Spanish male singer with twang in it, and sprinkle lot of vocals on it. This is the essence of Davila 666 from Puerto Rico. I have written it when they played in RNR666 Party in Budapest some years ago. Posthumous single collection on LP, CD and cassette on Burger Records (US)


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