Swiss independent label A Tree in a Field Records is hitting you this time with a triple reverb attack from Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle. The four piece around the three Stähli brothers unveils a most unpolished garage/basement sound on their new 7 inch single I’ll Sing You a Song. The title track and Sweet Reputation both lead us back to good old Velvet Underground but with an unmistakable 21. century appeal and a juvenile charm.

After switching to another side (and to a speed of 33 rpm) things get a bit peculiar  with Rock’n’Roll Soldier – it’s a bright psychedelic tune infused with traditional reggae sound. It made me ponder a bit about this strange combination, although I’m aware that this is far from unprecedented… Actually, the term Jamaican fusion sounds like a horrible idea in theory (with numerous mainstream examples supporting this notion) but if you consider Bad Brains, Serge Gainsbourg or Polish post punk pioneers, Brygada Kryzys for example, the outcome can be the coolest thing ever. Roy & the DMC’s  effort is by all means within the cool league!

Order the vinyl from A Tree in a Field Records and check it out for yourself!


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