Slim Twig is a Canadian film director who also makes music (like David Lynch, or John Carpenter ). It’s meaningful for his pop musical orientation that he made some split releases with US Girls, Dirty Beaches and Ela Orleans.
His latest album will be re-issued soon by DFA. “A Hound At The Hem” is a concept album, thematically and musically it based on Serge Gainsbourg’s Melody Nelson. Significant disparity that the story of Melody Nelson was the reality of the two main characters’ life. That is so good owing to this specially reason. And because of Gainsbourg’s genius, of course. So good…it’s gem in his amazing life-work. Naturally “A Hound At The Hem” is far from it, but perhaps non-irrespective of it, this is the best work of Slim Twig.

All This Wanting

directed by US Girls


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