CHILD ABUSE has fused elements of Noise, Death Metal, Free Jazz, and Grind (among other things) into something entirely their own, all the while becoming one of the most innovative, and polarizing bands in New York. “Trouble in Paradise”, the band’s third full-length release, expands on their forays into uncharted musical territory. Order

In the unhinged tradition of Arab on Radar & Chinese Stars, DOOMSDAY STUDENT caterwauls like four refrigerators dropped down an elevator shaft. As drums push the music forward, spiraling guitars & crazed singing use the tools of rock to dismantle rock, to make an alarm of rock, to make simultaneously songs with hooks & riffs & all that shit & also these little splitting-off universes of paranoia & hysteria & the ecstasy only exploding people truly feel.  When I listen to A Walk Through Hysteria Park on headphones in public I find myself laughing in that way that makes people cross the street away from me, that makes my spine feel made of broken bottles & soaked band aids. And I am better this way. I am more awake, more able to be in the terror & jaggedness & joy of what it is to be. Doomsday Student is a wake up call to anyone who thinks the world merely works. DOOMSDAY STUDENT’s second record, A Walk Through Hysteria Park, is being released on October 28, 2014. Listen a track  Order


First in a series of ten reissues of the cult French underground Futura label by SOUFFLE CONTINU RECORDS (France)

“Sarcelles-Locheres”, the unique album of French underground heroes RED NOISE  led by Patrick Vian (son of Boris). It is a unique blend of free jazz and rock with highly political and satyrical lyrics. The highlight of the album “Sarcelles c’est l’avenir” is an epic journey into proto noise territories which prefigures the decades of sonic experiences to come. 3 tracks. Order

“With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)” is the first album by MAHOGANY BRAIN, led by street poet / underground film maker Michel Bulteau and Patrick Geoffrois. It shares the same raw aesthetics with the Velvet Underground and offers 12 savage and unhinged songs of  distorted guitars with crude lyrics.Recorded in 1970. Listen. Order

SEMOOL were the trio. They recorded “Essais”  between 1969 and 1971. Under the underground, it’s a foggy lo-fi psychedelic alien with echoes of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath drowned in oceans of heavy delay and acid guitars. Order


BLOODSHOT RECORDS 20th anniversary compilation (US)

Bloodshot Records is an independent record label based in Chicago. It specializes in country, alt-country, blues, folk, roots-infused rock and punk.  A collection of songs from the label’s catalog as covered by 38 non-label acts, including Frank Turner, Blitzen Trapper, Andrew Bird, Superchunk, Ted Leo, Diarrhea Planet, Hiss Golden Messenger, Warm Soda, Mike Watt, Shakey Graves, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Two Gallants, and many others. 3 tracks. Order


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