Ty Segall – “Manipulator”
or “The Ballad of Sue Thumb” or “The Faker Wants Your Place”
album review

Paths without directions
Eclipse of the haunting icons
Construction without an aim
Rule the thoughtfully arranged game

Revolution without blood
Carrying the cross of the patience as a lug
Ease, experimentation and fury
Standing tall in the gown of liberty

A crawler without a grin
Before the verities had been scratched into the skin
Tried to keep calm
But the wires were shrieking under his fingers burning in napalm

Characters without faces
Ravel out the endless piles
In a race against the clock
Vagabond caravan swirling in burgundy rose petals

Skinny lover without a coyote fur
Creased beer bottles on a velvet seat cover
The princess kept the view
A calm nirvana in the desert of the last Sioux

Prosector without a lancet
Lying on Sunday afternoon’s blanket
Catch the aspects how your face reflects
In the wreath a dozen of singing cats

Paths by now have been woven by The Golden State’s son
Denoting ideas of this aeon
And the configuration slowly became
The seventh rose of the tamed

released by Drag City (US)

Ty Segall Euro Tour Oct-Nov with JC Satán



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