KYTHIBONG, French independent record label, Nantes.
Records from electro-pop to arith-metal.
They have sent such well-known artists as
Pneu, Kommandant Cobra, Piano Chat, Sieur & Dame,
Vagina Town and Binidu in the direction of world fame.


Is it a one man label or are there a bunch of fanatics?

We’re three people, Mric, Anthony and Marion.

How does it started and when?

It started more than 10 years ago, in 2002, because Room 204, one of Mric’s band, needed a structure, for administration, stuff and, of course, a first disc. Room 204’s drummer had this band that should be released for the world to hear, so we had a second release. Then this other friend had a musical project and, it’s not all so complicated to release albums, isn’t it . In a few years, without really deciding it, we were a label. The real decision was to go on with it.

What was the first release?

Room 204 (minimal jazz rock) is the first album with the name Kythibong on it, but it’s a co-production. Argument (noise rock) was the first release we did alone, as grown-up assuming themselves.

What were the big (or little) surprises, disappointments and mistakes?

Mistake and disappointment cannot really happen the way Kythibong functions. When we release something there is always good-enough reasons for it, a mixture of human-music complicity and, if we’re happy when a lot of other people agree with us that an album is awesome, we’re also fine when it’s not the case. And we love pile up CD boxes to play stronghold and knights. As for surprises, let’s say we’re  always a bit surprised that people still want to work with us.

Can you play on any instruments? Have you ever been in a band?

Mric is the only one of us who can play on a guitar with some efficient results. He has two bands, Papaye and Room 204 (math rock/arith-metal), both on Kythibong, because we have no other choices if we want to avoid any big family drama. But actually, they are super great bands, so it’s ok. We’re lucky.

What do you do beside the music business?

Kythibong. And beside Kythibong, Mric is a musician, Anthony has a record shop and Marion is a screen-printer.

What are your upcoming releases?

Up coming next: an EP from The Healthy Boy and the Badass Motherfuckers (always raining)

a new LP from Gratuit (electro-pop) and somewhen soon a super surf album by a newcomer on Kythibong Les Agamemnonz.

Kythibong? What or Who is it?

We forgot, it was too long ago.




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