The next prefatory has been made originally for a psychedelic free jazz album review (which is under way), but it also goes well here in same way.


The horror has started with Iron Bonehead Records. It’s an obscure German vinyl only extreme metal label. I wrote a letter to them, that I would like to write reviews from some releases. At once I have been attached to promotion circle of the metal underground. Since then I get tons of free metal stuff. Horrible records every day from the whole world. The Swiss Bölzer was the only remarkable band with their avant-garde death metal. And I have become familiar with the Finnish Svart Records. Their range of audibility expands from free jazz to extreme metal, and there’re some good bands and records. For example

3 Fresh Finnish Hard Rock/Metal singles on Svart Records


The names speak for theirselves: Hard Action, The Black Mass, Forced Kill. The first two play 70s style hard rock and roll with this difference that The Black Mass has a smack of black metal. While Forced Kill is “such as early Sodom, beer drinking Slayer”


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