FUTUROSCOPE is a theme park, a stupid high-tech multimedia Disneyland in France, in Vienne Departement. If you go thereabout rather choose the goat cheese and the wine! But also is a French band with perfect references. Unfortunately there’re just a little, but luckily increasing bunch of people who knows about the great little label in Texas, Monofonus Press, and the magnifique petit label in France, Cockatail Pueblo. Led Er Est, Shit and Shine, John Wesley Coleman, The Golden Boys, The Pheromoans, The Rebel, Trans Upper Egypt, XYX (is my absolute favorite there), perhaps these are the most well-known band on Monofonus. Well, I think after these, it is absolutely needless to mention the bands of Cocktail Pueblo (look those!). The Futuroscope’ records were released by them. The French trio (from Tours, with a member of Pneu) plays psychedelic ritual kraut space rock, often it twists into ecstasy

cassette by Monofonus or digital from Bandcamp


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