The founder of notorious British alternative punk band Country Teasers (which was somewhere between The Fall and Fat White Family), Ben Waller says about the beginning of his musical carrier: “I envied the guys in the school band. They didn’t invite me to join, so I formed my own band. I wanted to play the Cure’s guitar melodies, so that’s how I learnt, playing along. I learnt by ear. I had learnt piano to Grade 3, which I failed; I learnt sax for a year or two at school too. Fucking hated it. But I could play the solo at the end of Pink Floyd’s ‘Two Suns in the Sunset’, the tragic climax of The Final Cut.” * His next cut under his pseudonym The Rebel

“KROT” LP on Monofonus Press (US). It is just like the Country Teasers with minimal orchestration and experimental country songs. It was recorded in Texas. On the label’s site you can listen to the whole album for a limited time!

Free download: Country Teasers          The Rebel

* The cited interview


The promised “more grown up, well polished” new album by the acid beach boys Growlers. “There are some happy songs, some love songs, some creepy shit. There’s everything. We got funky.”

“Chinese Fountain” LP, CD, digital on Everloving (US), Fat Cat (EU) and Smack Face Records (Aus)



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