AUSMUTEANTS have been started as a synth’n’drums punk duo, but within a short time it evolved with a bassists and a hardcore “non guitarrist” into a full band, and they do it so good, that such big international labels want them as: Goner, Goodbye Boozy and Total Punk.

6  tracks from 4 fresh releases

1-3 tracks: “Order Of Operation” upcoming LP by Goner (US) and Aarght Records (Aus). The 3rd song also on a 7″ single by Goodbye Boozy Records (Italy). 4-5: “It’s Alive”, cassette on Welcome In The Shit Records (Italy). The 4th song also on the LP. 6th: upcoming 7″ single by Total Punk Records (US)

And there everyone is called on this beautiful German name: Kurt. Very strange that it’s a female name – according to the Wikipedia. (Was, meanwhile it would be revised.)



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