Nothing strange, nothing weird, just good dynamic rock music for your entertainment by Jonly Bonly from Texas. It’s side project of OBN IIIs.

“Put Together” LP on 12XU Records (US)


From RNR666 party I know a Turkish new wave synth-punk band: Kirik Cizgi. Now here is another one: Kim Ki O. Their music is a little more darker and minimal than the other one, but it shows surprising rhythmical similarity! Yes, the influence of Turkish folklore. Bir, Iki LP compiles the best cuts from Kim Ki O’s long out of print CDs, with a song from (!)Enfant Terrible Record’s “Radio Resistancia” CD compilation. “Synth, bass, indie, dark”


You can find some free stuff on their site!. Anyway, Kim Ki O means “who is that anyway?”


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