“We don’t have basement shows like they do in the States,
because we don’t have basements. We have bomb shelters.”


Vaadat Charigim is one of the best and internationally most well-known Israeli rock bands. They have become famous with their debut album last year. It got unanimous appreciation by international music press. Even the fastidious (or snobbish) NME also gave 8 points from 10 on it.

The style is shoegaze: psychedelic, sometimes melancholic dreamy indie rock, which is hidden behind a distorted guitar curtain. And that guitar curtain is sometimes ruffled by electronic storms. The style has evolved in the British Islands in the 80s. Its greatest bands are the Scottish Jesus & Mary Chain, the Irish My Bloody Valenitne and the Ride from England. In the case of Vaadat Charigim add to this a singer/guitarist, who is blessed with voice of Morrissey and Ian Curtis (Joy Division). So it’s very English, but same time it’s 100% Israeli. And not just because the language is Hebrew. The feelings of the Israeli youth can be perfectly express with the chosen style: the desire for the peace, which is almost unnatural state in that region, where “it’s okay to be afraid.”

“Ein Nehama Ladoachim” (There is No Comfort for the Fading). “The song is kind of about growing up as a promoter in Tel Aviv and watching the scene changing and realizing it’s not the same as when I was young – but maybe it is and I’m just older and maybe I don’t know anything. I used to organize a lot of shows on rooftops and that disappeared. And we don’t have basement shows like they do in the States. because we don’t have basements. We have bomb shelters.”

The clip was shot in Tel Aviv first shopping mall, the Ditzengoff Center. Its construction began in 1972, but the mall was finished just in 1983. (Very Hungarian style pace.) In 1996, 13 people were killed there in a suicide bombing attack by a Hamas terrorist.

In cooperation of Israeli Cultural Institute of Budapest, Plaza Real Cultural Foundation and Underground Cultural Association our 108th show

Vaadat Charigim + makrohang
Sept 27, Budapest, Kontra Klub, 10 PM, Ticket: 1500

The Hungarian band makrohang plays very unique music.
Their slogan says everything: jazz for metalheads

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24: Warsaw,  25: Berlin,  26: Prague,  27: Budapest,  28: Linz,  29: Vienna


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