Not many people can front a rock band, sing Górecki’s Third Symphony, lead a marching band processional down the streets of the Sundance film festival and perform in a baroque opera of their own composing — all in a month’s time. But Shara Worden can. She came from a musical family of traveling evangelists, went on to study operatic voice and then classical composition not only in the States, but also in Moscow, where she made her first records. Since 2006 she has been making art pop records under the name of My Brightest Diamond. And there were many collaborations with such artists as Laurie Anderson, David Byrne & Fat Boy Slim, Sufjah Stevens, Prefuse 73, Recoil, Bon Iver, The Blind Boys of Alabama and more.

“This Is My Hand” album on LP,CD, digital on Asthmatic Kitty (US)

She also in a very famous artist Matthew Barney’s brand new cine-opera, the “River of Fundament“, together with Salman Rushdie, Mike Tyson, Debbie Harry and Zeena Parkins, but it’s “such a mess that I sincerely hope I will never have to endure a second viewing” – wrote a critic.

The beauty of it is that she was born in El Dorado

Euro tour in Oct


Classic industrial techno disco tracks taken from the split LP of STATIQBLOOM and ZEX MODEL

STATIQBLOOM is the German born Fade Kainer from New York. He has industrial metal background (Batillus, Inswarm, Theologian), member in tour band of Jarboe (Swans). ZEX MODEL is a project of Paul von Aphid from Russia, Kaliningrad (aka Königsberg, East-Prussia). It’s dedicated to mutant sounds of 80’s WaxTrax and Nettwerk Records. The split will be released later this month on Desire Records (France)



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