“Crude and Minimal records”

is the slogan of Goodbye Boozy Records.
It’s one of the best European garage rock/punk labels.
The label is focusing limited edition 7″ vinyls. Some names of his roster:
Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, King Khan, BBQ, Lantern, LiveFastDie, Red Mass, Straight Arrows, Movie Star Junkies.

Interview with the boss, don Gabriele


Is it a one man label or are there a bunch of fanatics?

I am Gabriel and Goodbye Boozy Recs. is a one-man label, with a lot of fanatic friends who help me buying my release by spreading them all over the world and I’m very  grateful to  all of them!!! I am very happy to know that the few copies I put out are going to all these „fools”!!

How does it started and when? What was the cause?

I started with my first 7 “in 1999 has been a long time ago… but I must say I still have a lot of enthusiasm and today I’m even more “insane”. I live in a small town Teramo in the central-south of Italy. I like the garage punk, but here is not much to do… so why not doing a label?? just to kill the boredom and being boozy of garage punk!!

What was the first release?

My first 7 “was released in 1999 and were The Whittingtons from Kankakee (Illinois) in that period I was in contact with Ryan from Sack O ‘Shit Records such a wonderful label! I liked very much their releases, Ryan played in a band, The Whittingtons (a gem of lo-fi garage punk trash!!), impossible not doing a 7″…. it must be done!!! and came out the first 7″ Goodbye Boozy!!

What were the big (or little) surprises, disappointments and mistakes?

I can not say, I love all the stuff that I put out!! I like trash!!! There were some nice surprises, a few bands I put out over the years, more important labels put them out and that was great! Mistakes always “give a hand” to go on, without them it would be a label of nerds. I don’t like nerds, welcome to mistakes!!

Can you play on any instruments? Have you ever been in a band?

I don’t play an instrument, I never thought of playing in a band, I leave everything to imagination, I love listening, I like sounds!!!

What do you do beside the music business?

Is not a good time here in Italy for work, I try to go on doing any little job in any field and even for a short time sometimes only for a few days …it’s a shit!!

What are your upcoming releases?

I’m superstitious and never reveal my next releases, but I’ll do this for you 🙂

In work / upcoming next months September- October

GB 94 – THE TOWELHEADS – 7″ – AUS, surfin’ on sandwaves
GB 95 – WET BLANKETS – 7″ – AUS, punk
GB 96 – STRANGE ATTRACTOR – 7″ – Canada, garage rock
GB 97 – RAW McCARTNEY – 7″ – US, psych garage rock
GB 98 – MARTIN SAVAGE GANG – 7″ – Swedish garage punk rock

1-1 song by Wet Blankets, Strange Attractor and Raw McCartney, not from the next releases

You can download some sold out GBB releases from here.
Sometimes the download links are invisible!

List of GBB records          Soundcloud Stream



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