Fall season has kicked off with Tuesday night’s Küss Mich party in Kontra Club, under Trafó, as expected from what the organizers had forecast in personal channels as a Goodbye Summer/Welcome Fall gig .


Gran’s volume on his guitar-qua-synth distortion – while he frequently changed instruments – got due amplification if you went front stage, right where he was rolling on the floor throughout the last few tracks (without his guitars by the time). Of all the Tuesday night Budapest audience, photographers gave the most active response to his performance of wriggling and contortion, even as he was hollering about dancing in the darkroom (?) – I imagined this must be hell of a party to jerk on the floor to, in a darkened room. Nao Katafuchi came the longest way to RNR666 ears – perhaps the reason you kept hearing imaginary Bowie songs Bowie himself failed to write at the end of the 70’s as well as in the late 90’s. The Argentinian duo of a girl -doing the soundcheck in a ’Brasilia’ shirt- and a bass player, the Mueran Humanos, thankfully, sounded like two South Americans bringing something to order of the day European synthpunk, more than an American synthpunk taste borrowing from Europe. It’s a strange mixture, unmistakeable after a few tracks, like Ratos de Porao’s HC. For a simple Tuesday partygoer, there’s only one way to get to the words accompanying this curious North-by-South music: if there’s anyone in the room undeterred by Chilean miner lingo, with an ear for Mueran Humanos lyrics as well. They will tell you that such lines ring in the ears of a Spanish speakers – in a usual militant tone, with the discipline of a sworn alliance:

„No puedes entrar en el círculo / No puedes respirar nuestro aire”

„You can not enter the circle / You can not breathe our air”

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