Second common work of Hawaiian born half Chinese/half American experimental guitarist Dustin Wong (was in Ponytail) and Japanese pop star Takako Minekawa. It’s more playful than the previous one, because there are more J-pop moments.  Takako sings about quantum physics, human consciousness, and flying above a desert all within the framework of Japanese puns in the song “She He See Feel”

“Savage Imagination” LP, CD on Thrill Jockey Records (US)


Obnox is Bim Thomas Lamont, the drummer of raw blues band Bassholes. He has plenty of drive because he is working on two albums at the same time now. But before everything else he has thrown out an EP which is stuffed his basement jams. Harsh distorted rock and roll sometimes is like a strange Ministry.

“The Juke That Sat By The Door” EP on Chunklet Records (US)


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