The multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos is known as drummer of post-rock band Grails and drone metal band OM. My favorite Amos’ project is the cinematic duo Lilacs & Champagne. It was created to be a direct tribute to the musical outsiders of the past. His very personal side project is Holy Sons with mainly acoustic, folkish and little psychedelic songs. His “also like” artists: Jandek, Scout Niblett and Damo Suzuki show the way.


Holy Sons’ umpteenth album will be released on Thrill Jockey in September. Among the 4 bonus tracks Circle Jerks, Black  Flag and Slapshot covers. There’re free to download:

“I began to struggle with severe depersonalization, where nothing seems real. You don’t think you’re actually alive. You basically melt down the DNA of your personality, and become a puddle of broken-down potentialities. It took me years to figure out why I would still want to exist, let alone function in front of others. (…) I’m still trying to piece together my mind.”  Read the full interview



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