The New Zealander writer and musician  Bill Direen‘s situationist exposé of current world political events:


The Utopians R Just Out Of Boozin’

The utopians are just out boozing
Mercy killing their sense of losing
Another century of Europa facing
Another gangland of mephistos embracing
Hardened enemies are friends this year
Designing bombs & announcing clear
Resolutions, shaking hands,
Aiming drones over African lands.

All interventions have a second motive
The food is free, but the aid is loaded.
War medallions, better blow the dust off
Tools of torture, better scrape the rust off.
Every country has its Kremlin
Every religion has its Vatican
Be your boss, but bring your boffin
Visit the moon in your cryo-coffin.

A little bribery is always convenient
Wherever justice might be lenient.
A new breed is making gold from dirt
The writer vomits down his last tee shirt.
The new geneticists o! they cut and suture
The free market guarantees their future
As antique lands are blown to splinters
A spring uprising keep us warm next winter.

The madhouses have rainy eyes.
The sane willingly tranquilised.
Psychiatrists are sporting their i-phones
Individualists are carving up their headstones,
All the goddesses are in Hades,
All the gentlemen are in the Ladies,
Beadles gleam as years in jail
Are meted out to kids who fail.



The poem will be released on his bands’ brand new record. Thank Bill for the words.

The author plays on his guitar and sings his another song on the seaside here.

He has begun his career in the mid-70s as folk singer and stepped in the New Zealander punk, indie-rock scene with electronic music. His most known groups are the Bilders.

About his music works          About his literary works

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