Some days before here was the news about a project of Chris Constantinou (The Wolfmen, Adam Ant) and Paul Frazer (Prodigy, Black Futures). They gathered a bunch of legendary British and American punk/ska/new wave artists and made together an album under the name of The Mutants. They went to Japan and did the same thing with members of Guitar Wolf (atomic garage “lock and lol” trio from Nagasaki. They provoked Eric Friedl from The Oblivians to start the Goner Records in 1993. After the first sight he wanted to publish their album. ) +  The’s (all-female rockabilly rock and roll trio. They’re famous from their appearance in Tarantino’s Kill Bill vol 1.) + Mika Bomb (London based 3/4 Japanese all girl pop punk band) + Jackie & The Cedirics (surf rock trio) + The Neatbeats (beat) + The Let’s Go’s (all-girl candy rock and roll trio) and more. Here is a song

Dead Beat Generation

The album is coming soon


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