YOU. is the name of a band in New York. Just try to search it on the net… Their music is better. Cold but danceable synth punk a la Digital Leather and New Order

Sunchaser LP + digital on Dais Records (US)


The BILDERS are groups of various musicians and friends from New Zealand, Australia, United States, Germany, Austria and France. In 2013 there were 3 different line-ups, one in Australia, one in New Zealand and one in Germany. The New Zealander musician and writer Bill Direen stands in the centre of these groups. Their melodic minimal art pop is just like the Blurt.
Now here is a special 7″ vinyl with 3 tracks from 3 different line-ups. It consists a situationist exposé of current damn fool world political events: “The utopians R just out of boozin”; an appealing ballad plus a simmering live extract from a recent European tour. The ballad is like a song by Mick Harvey

SmartGuy Records (US)

In the NZ-er band the drummer is Stu Kawovski (Stuart Page), who also in the best alternative pop band of New Zealand, The Axemen.



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