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Harry Merry – The Sky-Fun Reels And Angelica Kneels

The story of Harry Merry has started at his aunt’s pub in Delft. As a little boy there he gazed at a juke-box. “I was hypnotized by all these vinyl-singles constantly rotating with those specifically coloured lable-etiquettes in the middle.  (…) My most favourite ones were from Apple-records, Pye Records (especially the dark pink one) and CBS-records (the old orange one; not the ugly later one).”

Further determinative things of his life: piano lessons, The Beatles and Roland keyboards. “The musical genres that have been adopted by me on these keyboards are as follows:  Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Beat, Ballads, Schlager, Latino, Chansons, Liedjes and lately also some Slovenian Pop and Serbian Turbo-folk.” Besides he is equally regularly being influenced by classical music from the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Mahler and Sibelius. And works of Charles Dickens is also a source of inspiration for him.

“I hope to write an opera before I’m forty.” I hope it is done.

some from his songs

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