Every time I glad when Orval Carlos Sibelius comes forward with new records. He is a French multi-instrumentalist, who make music in really various styles from abstract electroinc dance to psych folk pop. His music often comes the world of Deerhhof in my mind. But now something almost completely different: psychedelic noise rock with a special taste of kraut-rock with Domotic, King Q4, My Jazzy Child and Aurelien Potier under the name of Centenaire. And it’s also excellent.

Centenaire – Ste Croix EP on Clapping Music (France). Previous Centenaire album

Albums of OCS: Recovery Tapes (2011), Super Forma (2013)

There’re some mistakes: Orval Carlos Sibelius is no more in the band. He left after the previous album (The Enemy, 2009). And King Q4 is not in the band either, he just a guest sometimes… but not on the new EP. So Centenaire now is just Damien Poncet (My Jazzy Child), Stéphane Laporte (Domotic, Egyptology) and Aurélien Potier…

Thank Julien for correction


It’s written that “69 meets Pan Sonic. Ruffunk…” Pan Sonic is OK, but the rest is unknown for me, but the name of Pan Sonic is a guarantee for

NPLGNN (from Napoli) – “Meccano” EP – cassette, CD, digital on Trensmat (Ireland)


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