“We grimly demand the complete extermination of mankind.”


James Brown III – antiguitar     Pete Majors – antivoice     Sandor GF – antidrums

Harassor – Into Unknown Depths LP on Dais Records (US)

debut album free download


Scrabbled is a music collective in Brisbane (Aus) with members from Clag, Per Purpose and many more. They are play real pop music. You can find just hits with catchy refrains on their album. But these tracks are too human, so aren’t good for radio stations. On the other hand it’s real punk music. Free, noisy and foul-mouthed, but too free for punks. “Urban folk” is also a good phrase for their music, it as if would be played by a common project of Velvet Underground and Mad Nanna. The latter is also a cult band.

Welcome To Pig City cassette and digital on Virtual Cool Records (Aus)


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