In last year on the tour of noise rock bands DON VITO (D) and DAIKIRI (F) was a French graphic artist C R A O M A N, who has made a comic strip about the adventure from Brno (CZ) through the Balkans as far as Ankara (Turkey) and back to Ceske Budejovice (Budweis). Recently it has released together with another drawn tour on similar route with WARSAW WAS RAW, GRAND PREDATOR and JOHN MAKAY. “First tour is in french, the second one in english (level litterature of course!).”

EARS CRISIS – 21 x 15 cm/ 56 pages bichrome offset/ 666 copies
co-edition Taste y cool/ 15 euros. Buy here, just find the way


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There was a show in Budapest at RNR666 Party of course


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