Before his next slope off Bobafett throws a last show
in Budapest at RNR666 Party


The best Hungarian rapper is soon heading for London to stand in the streets as a living Bobafett statue with the sign: “I need local money for fix my ship and go back to my planet” in order to gather money for a ticket to Costa Rica. There he would like to work in the sloth sanctuary as a nurse or anything else.

The best Hungarian rapper can’t earn his daily bread in Hungary, so he has become a globetrotter. He wrote his first album in Barcelona as a factory worker; the third one was written in Amsterdam, he was a rickshaw driver there.

Just the second one was made in Hungary, and that is a medium quality album, because only the half of the words were written by him, and another half is total shit.

The Hungarian hip-hop/rap scene can be divided in two parts: Bobafett and the rest. If his words were written in English, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese or Russian he would be a dollar millionaire (furthermore in Russia: dead or imprisoned).

106th RNR666 Party
26.07.  Budapest,  Roham Bár
Door: 22:00     Start: 22:30     Ticket: 1000


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