MOVIE STAR JUNKIES started as an organ and drum duo in Torino in 2006.
They played Suicide-like music. The duo involved a quintet.
Since then their music has been showing influences of
the music of Birthday Party and Gun Club, and standing
under strong literary impressions.
Their first album was dedicated to Melville, the second one to William Blake.
Those were released on Voodoo Rhythm Records.
Their name was inspired by a John Waters’ photo.

MOVIE STAR JUNKIES in Budapest at RNR666 Party in 2008


They have involved in many other projects

Occult, psych, folk outfits: Gianni Giublena RosacroceLa Piramide di SangeMai Mai MaiFuteisha

Alternative rock bands: Vernon SélavyVermillion SandsThe Me’s (= the bassist Nene Barato with Austro-Hungarian jazz singer Réka Csiszér, French-Vietnamese burlesque performer La-la Morte and Simon from the Swiss Pussywarmers)

oAxAcA free jazz ensemble



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