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LE BUTCHERETTES has started as a Mexican girl duo, but after a tempestuous discussion Teri Gender Bender stayed alone at the band. She went to LA, when recorded her first album with Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Mars Volta, At The Drive-In) on bass in 2011.  Lopez was the producer of the album also. Since then they have been working together with various drummers. It’s Lia Braswell now. It’s written on her left shoulder that “Play through the pain.” Enjoy

“Cry Is For The Flies” LP/CD on Ipecac Recordings (US) in Sept. Album preview.

“The eleven-song release had previously been available exclusively as a digital download via producer Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s label Nadie Sound’s website.”


DEGREASER is “Psychopathic Rock’N’Roll from Brooklyn” and their sound is like the Mudhoney, Mudhoney & Mudhoney!

“Rougher Squalor”  LP / digital on Ever/Never Records (US)



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