After fall of the Acid House


here are the pioneers of Acid Basement. With a special taste of Anarcho-Jazz. And a little Melt-Banana feeling. Sometimes like a Japanese noise “rock” brigade from the 80s. Miraculous muddle by Guerilla Toss

“367 Equalizer” cassette EP on Infinity Cat Recordings (US)

During the listening read the list of fake jazz song titles!


“Sur le toit” i.e. On The Rooftops. It’s a very special album by two French musicians King Automatic and Mr. Verdun. King Automatic is a rock and roll one-man band, Mr. Verdun is from the folk punk duo Thee Verduns. They have written music for a real film noir, a documentary about French prison mutinies in the early 70s. Plain, cold and dark ballades, sometimes in Western style, some of them are like instrumental Tom Waits’ songs. Down by French law

10′ vinyl on Kizmiaz Records (France)

After a bloody hostage-taking in the end of 1971 at Clairvaux Prison* all prisoners got general punishment in France. It led to a mutiny in Nancy in January. The prisoners protested against the cruel treatment, the harsh conditions, and sudden removal of the Christmas packages. They weren’t real criminals, rather poor and desperate young men without future, who were incarcerated owing to petit crimes. They occupied the building –  which is the centre of the city – and went up to the rooftops, from where they held the connection with the outside world. Outside the gate an organization for the penalty reform led by philosopher Michel Foucault and other intellectuals tried to intervene on behalf of them. The revolt was put down, but it evoked over thirty riots at other prisons.


*Clairvaux Prison lays on the site of the former Cistercian Abbey. It was turned into prison by the Revolution which demolished the Bastille.



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