There were lots of fanzine in Hungary in the late 80s and 90s. In our new series we cut album reviews out from these.


Szűkbőrű (Tight-skinned) was a short-lived fanzine in the early 90s in Miskolc.


Szűkbőrű # 1, 1991

breeders_clip1Kim Deal has fed up (with banana – how the Hungarians say), quit the Pixies for a while and teamed up with 3 crazy women. The outcome is a wonderful album. The influence of Pixies is perceptible here and there but it doesn’t typical. The record is lots ruder and harder than any Pixies album. I get excited from that how the guitarist caress the strings. And Kim proves: she is not only a good bassist but her voice is splendid and is also good at lyrics.

Note: The fourth crazy woman was a man. Breeders have started as a project of Kim Deal and Tanya Donelli (Throwing Muses) in 1990. Later Jospehine Wiggs (Perfect Disaster) joined them on bass. Immediately before the recordings the sound engineer Steve Albini recommended Britt Walford (Slint) as drummer, who was playing on the album under the pseudonym Shannon Doughton.

1. Glorious  2. Doe  3. Happiness Is a Warm Gun  4. Oh!  5. Hellbound  6. When I Was a Painter  7. Fortunately Gone  8. Iris  9. Opened  10. Only In 3’s  11. Limehouse  12. Metal Man


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