“Take me far from everyone.” A social extrovert wax witch with keyboards and guitar plays party punk. But I would go away from that party after 10 min, because his songs are cruelly long on this album.  Above 3 min! But he hasn’t enough talent to do such things. He should stay under 3 min.

Wax Witches – “Centre Of Your Universe” album on Stop Start Music in July (Aus) and Burger Records in Sept (US)


Futeisha, a brand new project on the flourishing Italian psychedelic scene. It’s a solo effort of psychedelic rock band La Piramide di Sangue guitarist Juan Francisco Scassa. He is not alone sure. His mates are from such great rock band as Movie Star Junkies and Vernon Sélavy. Instead of rock they play mystical mish-mash folk, or “Occultism and Kebab.”

“Dannato” cassette on Brigadisco (Italy) and Old Bicycle Records (Switzerland). Cover art by Paula H. Satán (of JC Satán). It based on an engraving of Pieter Bruegel the elder.

Futeisha. In Japanese: Outlaws. It was an anarchist group in the early 1920s. Its two leaders was sentenced to death for high treason, but it was changed to life imprisonment. The woman tore the pardon letter up and refused to say thank the emperor. She committed suicide in the cell at her age of 23.  The man released after 22 years in 1945, later became a North-Korean politician.



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