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Born in Greenland on a stopover during a transatlantic flight in 1959. Grew up in London on his parents classical music collection and radio pop of the 60s. When almost every- body started to play in punk groups he mixed 60s psychedelia with 80s electronics. Self-released his first single in 1980. It was re-released in same year by German Hansa Records, and became a small hit in France and Holland. This success was the cause of remove of the song at the last minute from Some Bizzare Album in 1981. It was the new wave synth-pop scene first manifestation with such groups as Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. Nick was signed by EMI, but after a single in 1982 he retired from the spotlight. In the late 80s and early 90s under various monikers he was involved in Acid House and Rave scene. The first nick nicely album with his two singles and unreleased tracks recorded between 1978 and 2004 was published in 2004, and was re-released repeatedly. His first ever live show was in 2008. Since then he shared the stage with Hawkwind, John Maus, Maria Minerva, Ariel Pink and more. The first real time nick nicely album titled Lysergia was released in 2011 on cassette on Burger Records. And the second is coming in September, but I think it will be almost same thing than Lysergia was.

Space of a Second album on Lo Recordings (UK)

He has got his name in 1973 when one mate said – Give us a fag you sod!
And another said – Why don’t you ask Nick nicely?


Richard In Your Mind is a funny psychedelic pop band from Sydney. Confusing the audience since 2006.  But just in your mind.

Ponderosa album on Rice Is Nice Records (Aus) I want to hear more tracks from it.



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