I know almost nothing about I Get Mynze. The members are from pop punk band Legendary Wings from Kalamazoo (Michigan), and they play excellent 80s-like lo-fi garage punk in the manner of Jay Reatard.

7″ EP on Pelican Pow Wow (US) and Red Lounge Records (Germany)


The second album of the London based alt-country band Cat Meat, where “Phil’s primary influences are the alt-country of Wilco, the surrealist melancholia of Sparklehorse and experimental rock of Califone, though more than a hint of Captain Beefheart’s magisterial influence can be detected in the lyrics and song titles. Ian brings bluegrass chops and punk sensibilities in equal measure, whilst Barney’s slide and fingerstyle guitar reveal a love of the pre-war splendor of Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie McTell.” “Eldritch City Dwellers” is also free to download as their every recordings.

The band’s name keeps memory of a Montenegrin summer holiday.


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