RNR666: Mexican Slang was started as a one woman lo-fi harsh pop band in Toronto by Annabella Lee.
Ms Lee: Lo-fi is useful. Alternative rock. Some songs are punk, some a bit more noisy.

“Inside The Velvet Castle” digital EP on Buzz Records


Tim Presley writes songs and makes recordings under the name of White Fence. He has arrived from HC-punk to rock and roll of the 60s.  His music is like a mix of Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground. And now here is the glam rock too. At least in this track. “It’s basically about that moment you leave the nest, go through college, live on your own and all of that—basically me until the present, and all of my friends, and a lot of my generation, I guess. It’s very literal, but that was kind of the point. It’s kind of tongue in cheek, too. It’s half-silly, half-serious. If you have friends who have parents who are kind of rich and you see that and you think, “Well, I’m shit poor. What would I do with that money if I was in their position? How would I live if I made a really good salary and I could afford nice cars and a nice house?” I don’t know anyone of my friends that could afford to buy a house, at least in L.A. It’s kind of like, “Am I going to live in an apartment my whole life?” There’s a little bit of envy in it, but also not really. It’s fun to dream. It’s kind of like, “What would I do if I won the lottery?” But it’s also fucking sad because, like I said, am I ever going to own a house? I doubt it. It would be cool though. I feel like everyone could relate to that song. Except for the one percent.”*

“For the Recently Found Innocent” LP/CD/Cassette on Drag City

*Read the full interview here. But what need are those awful, affected photos?


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