The Plan – To Play Ducks and Drakes of 340 Million


Uncle Sting has declared that his children shouldn’t expect big inheritage, because he wants to run through his entire fortune. If those were not just void words, he must think about his agenda seriously, because he must spends all of his money in a way that he may hold shares, properties, jewels, works of art, luxury cars, helicopters, yachts, briefly, any kind of valuable things only temporarily in the following 20-30 years.

For the sake of the cause it is absolutely necessary to sell his author’s and neighbouring rights immediately, to end his works and to concentrate on this mission alone. He must run through roughly 340 million dollars in, let’s say, 30 years. Almost 11 million a year!

The simplest method is the combination of gambling and space tourism. A plain suborbital flight: 200 000 (but it’s so underclass), a real orbital: 40 million, the flight to the moon is under construction, but it will be about 100 million USD/person.

Furthermore he can invest his money to such promising enterprises as whale hunting expedition to Cincinnati, fast food restaurant chain of Western-Sahara, or RNR666. I also know some artists of starvation whose works will still be worthless after 100 years. He can safely buy anything from them.

But I think that Sting doesn’t know what he says. Obviously he went off his chumps. He should be put under guardianship before he does something madness, for example a musical about his life.






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