STRANGE HANDS of Bordeaux. 60s-like dynamic psych garage rock trio without bass, but with 12 strings guitars and organ.

“Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” LP on Azbin (France) and Ayo Silver (Spain), cassette on Burger Records (US)

Western Euro tour in July. One of the craziest parties of RNR666 was of theirs. Look!


“Solo Paradise” MOLLY NILSSON‘s musical reports from Buenos Aires. Bittersweet heart beats, sunny economic breaks, romantic cats and plane crash. The Latin mood didn’t touch very much her Scandinavian attitude. She’s one of the most interesting performers in the synth pop underground.

Sólo Paraíso (The Summer Songs) on Night School Records (UK)

+ “These Things Take Time”, her debut CDr from 2008 is on double LP with unreleased recordings from the same period  by Dark Skies Association (Swe)

In the future too:  “Our knives are never dull / our moon is always full”



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